About Us
Welcome to Spit Shine Janitorial Cleaning Services.  We provide cleaning for your home or office as if we were preparing it for a military inspection. Our janitorial technicians will take care of all of your cleaning needs and we guarantee that we'll clean it right the first time.

Spit Shine is dedicated to providing office, restroom and kitchen cleaning, carpet and hard surface floor care and interior and exterior window cleaning for businesses within the Las Vegas area.

Spit Shine seeks to ensure that businesses have spotless facilities including: offices, banks, libraries, manufacturing, retail, automotive dealerships, food service and restaurants, resorts and hotels, medical/ healthcare, educational institutions, stadium and sporting venues, and financial institutions. SPIT SHINE employees are trained to: clean well and clean smart, listen to the needs of clients to do the job correctly, and respond to the demands of our clients.

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SBA 2014 Veteran Owned Business of the Year

Spit Shine Capability Statement